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Megan • Age 36
Archive #49

Sandy • Age 44
Archive #47

Joanie • Age 54
Archive #16

Drew • Age 38
Archive #41

Nanette • Age 30
Archive #46

Adrienne • Age 47
Archive #46

The Long Lost AJ Archives
have been Rediscovered!

AJArchives.com is an updated collection of the first 79 AuntJudy’s Photo Archives from the 1990’s, comprised of approximately 800+ exclusive photo-sets. AuntJudy's.com started in 1996, and over the years we've amassed the world’s largest collection of beautiful mature women. Around 2004, with this project in mind, we removed the first 79 archives from the main AuntJudy’s site, and started to put this site together. But it was never put online and made available to our fans. Over the years, after many relocations and moves, we lost track of them. Just last year, we discovered the site on an old hard drive, in all it’s original old-school glory!

In these archives we have remastered many of your favorite model's images so they appear larger, clearer, and more beautiful than when they first appeared on Aunt Judy’s 20 years ago.

Long-time AuntJudy’s members will be thrilled to see many of their favorite early AJ models from the 90’s, many of them digitally remastered with enhanced quality. All these early shoots were done on film, then scanned to digital (yes, this was back when digital cameras could not compete with good old film). It is also very important to note that AJArchives contains PHOTO SETS ONLY, there are NO VIDEOS on this site. Also, THIS IS AN ARCHIVAL SITE, so there are NO REGULAR UPDATES.

Giorgio • Age 41
Archive #40

Gaby • Age 50
Archive #41

Krystal • Age 32
Archive #45

Julianne • Age 38
Archive #35

Marissa • Age 31
Archive #33

Josie • Age 50
Archive #27